About Seodoo

Company Introduction

SeoDoo Hi-tech has been a leading manufacturer in the hair-tool industry since 1978, manufacturing for well re-known brands in over 40 different countries. We pride
ourselves with the “Made in Korea” mark on our products as we strive to produce the highest quality products here in South Korea with the best materials available.

SeoDoo Hi-Tech is paving a new road for the hair industry by inventing new technologies such as Negative Ion and Far-infrared Radiation devices and applying it in
our products.

With the recent launch of Magnesium infused products for brushes and combs, as well as electronic hair-tools, Seodoo has taken a step forward in the evolution of
professional hair-tools.

Message from the President

Hello my name is Jae-Sul Lee and I have been in the hair-tool industry for over 40 years.
The company was first registered as Shin-Il Plastic back in 1978 and when we started producing electronic hair-tools and products not only in plastic, but with
different materials such as Magnesium and Wood, that’s when I decided to change the company name to SeoDoo Hi-Tech.

We can guarantee you the quality of our products will be at its highest level as we pride ourselves with the “Made in Korea” mark. Our team of talented designers,
sales representatives, and factory managers will always be available to contact to insure the highest quality products.

I will make sure that SeoDoo Hi-Tech is constantly moving forward in producing and innovating the best quality products for our clients and communication between
our clients are at its peak level. Thank You.